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PRAIRIE FISH provides design and planning assistance to clients that are seeking to use sustainable design as a strategic tool in their business model. I have utilized design and marketing expertise to help clients in many diverse fields identify initiatives that create successful programs that help achieve marketing goals as well as help move the company toward sustainability.

The types of clients that I like to work for are cult companies that are using business as an agent of change, and that compliment my interests in the environment, outdoor leisure activities, organic gardening and food, and other cultural creative life style related pursuits that acknowledge the integration of mind, body, and spirit. PRAIRIE FISH has often been described by its clients as a cult company too. To me, that's actually a nice compliment because it speaks to sincerity, genuineness, and dedication.

I enjoy learning about your company and helping you make it more successful. Although I realize each problem is unique and should be approached with the best tools available to present the most appropriate resolution, over the years I have identified four general categories of expertise that I can tailor to your particular situation. The types of projects that I like to be engaged in generally fall into these four categories, which not coincidently are the four areas of my greatest interest, knowledge, and experience.

  • Research and Discovery—Great vision is facilitated by great research. Clients are continually amazed by insights that emerge from asking the right questions about a product line, your competitors, or how you approach the selling of your product. The process of research and discovery takes time, but it is always worth the effort because it always yields actionable information that can make your company stronger, help you reach more people with your mission and marketing message, help you sell more products, and accomplish more good by promoting your unique social and environmental missions while progressing towards true sustainability.
  • Concept Development—Whether you are developing a new product, revamping an old one, or contemplating the roll out of a new retail concept or franchise food service concept, up front design and planning are critically important for success. Often times a new concept fails because the background planning was inadequate, non-existent, or the design did not communicate and reflect the proper attributes of your customer base. This can be ameliorated by a rational application of design based on specific attributes that allow you to make tight connections to a customer base that will be extremely loyal.
  • Sustainability Assessments—I can review what you are presently doing, benchmark existing conditions, and make recommendations for improvements in order to save resources, energy or materials. It can be as simple as helping you set up a recycling program (you would be surprised at how many companies still don't have them in place) or as substantial as doing a complete material flow and energy flow analysis.
  • Marketing Communications—This is not about green washing to take advantage of the current interest in sustainable development. I can help you improve how and what you tell the world about your true and actual sustainability efforts regarding your products, services, and your company in general. I fervently believe any steps towards sustainability are positive, and this belief is grounded in the reality that a transition to a sustainable society will be gradual initially.