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My approach to project work provides clients with a preliminary proposal that effectively plans a course of action for the project. I spend time researching your company and your current issues at the initiation of a project so that every one understands what represents the current situation. This is a critical phase of the process in that it invariably leads to actionable insights that can impact your position in the marketplace.

The multi-phase work program that each project passes through allows my clients to be intimately involved in the creative process as we work through the project together. There is a review process with deliverables delineated at the end of each phase to ensure client involvement throughout the design process. Typically together we revise the work program for each phase based on what was learned in the previous phase so that we maintain optimal effectiveness.

I believe every project no matter how mundane should be infused with spirit by the use of sustainable design techniques that should be employed at every step of the process. In response to the negative pressures on the limited resources of our planet I accept the challenge to utilize materials and processes that are recycled, renewable, sustainable, and recyclable when appropriate for the project's solution.