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"Mitakuye Oyasin" is Lakota and means all my relations, which means to me that we are all related, we are all one. All life—the plants, the animals, the Earth—everything is connected. What happens to one, happens to all. We should start acting like there is a future and we should plan and design for the future so that all life can flourish. We should stop ripping big holes in the web of life with our irresponsible actions, start repairing the ones we have already created, and design only that which reinforces the web of life.

I have applied this holistic philosophy to help companies sustainably plan and design products, interiors, and environments that look to the future. I have applied my understanding of the current American marketplace—which is characterized by increasing segmentation, and the need for integrated marketing solutions—to help companies do well by establishing long-term, involved relationships with their customer base.

This is demonstrated by revealing the company's core values in every decision that it makes, particularly those affected by design and those that touch the customer directly. This helps companies create incredibly strong connections to their customers which not only supports the company financially and helps spread their mission, but also educates others to the good the company is accomplishing and attracts a steady stream of support from new customers.