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Active Endeavors

PRAIRIE FISH was tasked with creating an exciting retail environment for a jaded target audience of GenXers. The result was published as one of the Stores Of The Year of 1997.

The entire fixture group was designed for the maximum display flexibility. It was fabricated out of recycled concrete forms, old doors and various pipe fittings. One budget-driven proviso was to get the annex designed, finished and opened for business somewhat faster than right away. The process took a mere five weeks.

This shop was designed around two 50’s-style lounge areas. The intent of these lounge areas was to draw the customers into the shop and to become a resource where customers could “hang-out.” The longer the customers lingered the more sales went up.

The store has evolved into a “communal gathering place for like-minded people. The heavy use of recycled materials and the coffee shop comfort of the store combine to make for a clubby, easy place to be”– and to shop for what could be described as “attitude apparel.”

View of store from front
View of store from rear